Tech Bridge has growing networks in New York State and China that allow us to find suitable partners that fit your company or organization’s goals for commerce with China. Here are kinds of the services that Tech Bridge offers.

Finding Appropriate Trusted Partners

Tech Bridge International has an ever-expanding network of contacts in China and in Upstate New York.  We draw one these contacts to find trusted potential partners for companies and organizations in both geographies, based on their business, business needs and goals.  The usual goals involve Upstate companies looking for manufacturing, distribution and investment partners in China.  

Travel Arrangements for Trips to China

Once potential partners are identified and accepted as appropriate by the companies, Tech Bridge performs additional match-making work.  This frequently involves a trip to China to meet and evaluate the potential partners.  Prior to the trip, Tech Bridge will educate the U.S. company’s personnel, as needed, about China, including market information, business customs, culture, the current situation with respect to IP rights and protection, and travel modes.  Tech Bridge also can make the necessary international and in-country travel arrangements.

Guide and Translation Services During Trips to China

During trips to China, Tech Bridge can provide additional support as trip guides and translators.  We are experienced China travelers ourselves, and we have arranged, guided, hosted or helped host over 40 delegations traveling to and from China over the past 6 years.  Typically, delegation members have been pleased or delighted with Tech Bridge’s support and the outcomes of these visits.

Guidance on China’s Social and Business Culture

While many aspects of Chinese culture are very similar to American culture – and we are talking here about both social culture and business culture – there are differences that need to be understood and taken into account when working on business deals between the U.S. and China.  Tech Bridge’s principals – one from China and one from the U.S. – have a strong understanding of these differences and when and where they matter, and can guide discussions and activities smoothly through to initial deals and partnerships.  Our goal is always to help arrange and facilitate enduring partnerships.

Guidance and Contacts for Exporting to China

There is great interest in China about acquiring American foods, products and technology – foods because of the recent issues with Chinese food quality, products because Chinese believe that the U.S. design and manufacturing is superior, and technology because the Chinese believe that the U.S. has more advanced technology.  While this may not always be true, it is an interesting kind of competitive advantage to have, and Tech Bridge has received numerous requests from Chinese companies to assist them in importing American goods into China.  To that end, Tech Bridge has attended many training courses, including ExportNY, and many meetings about exporting, and is a member of the Central New York International Business Alliance, CNY’s international trade organization.  We have developed a network of companies and organizations both in the U.S. and China that provide resources – both products and services – that facilitate trade between the two countries.

Advice on IP Rights and Protection in China

Whenever the topic of exporting to China comes up, many businesses become concerned about the safety of their intellectual property (IP) in China.  While China’s past history on IP rights and protections is marred with many incidents of IP theft, China’s IP practices, laws and enforcement are changing.  One reason is that Chinese companies are being hurt by IP theft as well, and another reason is that China aspires to become a legitimate WTO compliant trade partner.  Tech Bridge understands the IP issues and can advise you and connect you with several reputable Chinese IP law firms that can assist in protecting your IP assets.

So, What Can We Do for You?

Find appropriate trusted partners?

Evaluate potential partners?

Help you arrange your first trip to China?

Find the right deal?

Help with protecting your IP in China?

Help with exports to China?

Help you host your Chinese delegation?


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